Modern Binary Gray Birdhouse
Modern Binary Gray Birdhouse

Modern Binary Gray Birdhouse

Justin Gray Designs
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This beautiful cedar and pine handcrafted birdhouse is the perfect addition to your outdoor space and inviting for a variety of song birds! The modern design is made of reclaimed wood. The front and rear faces are made from red cedar and the body surfaces are pine that has been painted with a red exterior paint. There is no perch for predators to land on assuring that the hatch-lings are safe.
To hang the birdhouse, simply attach rear cedar panel with the provided Phillips head screws to a desired location. Then slide the birdhouse body over the rear panel. An additional cedar block is provided if additional mounting space is required. Once per season the birdhouse should be cleaned out to make room for the next house guest. Simply slide the birdhouse body off of the mounted back panel.
General Height for Mounting
Bluebird (5-10ft), Chickadees (6-15ft), Titmouse (6-15ft), Nuthatch (6-10ft), Wren (6-10ft), Swallow (10-15ft), Downy Woodpecker (6-20ft), Hairy Woodpecker (12-20ft)
Dimensions: 11" tall X 6.5" wide X 6.5" deep, entrance hole is 1.5" diameter.