Hanging Ear/J  Horizontal Bamboo

Hanging Jewelry/J Horizontal Bamboo

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This earring holder is an alternative to the traditional jewelry box. By hanging the
jewelry holder on the wall, it is a novel way to display and organize your jewelry.
Even if the holder is not full of earrings there is a pleasing floral design that has
been handpainted onto the fiberglass screen, creating a piece of FUNctional art.

-The removable bar under the mesh can hang bracelets and necklaces. -it can hold up to 35-50 pairs of earrings, more if the earrings are small
-Stud/post earrings can be poked through the mesh and held in place
with the earring back.
-Wire earrings can be slipped through the mesh.
-Hoops and Lever backs can be secured using the Wire Thingy Accessory
-dimensions 19 in x 10 in