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Paul Bendzunas

Showing at our Congressional Plaza Store - View Store

Paul Bendzunas has been blowing glass for the last 43 years. Recently when asked how much longer he would be active in his studio, he replied that he had noticed that artists never really retire; they always have something more to give. When asked why he chose glass as his medium he said, "I like the immediacy of glass. Blowing glass is like painting with watercolor. The image needs to be in your mind ahead of time and done swiftly." View a selection of his work from our show

The Glass Forge Studio

Showing at our Union Station Store - View Store

The Glass Forge Studio is the realization of a dream of owning their own studio for Lee Wassink, Maurice Kreuzer and Nathan Sheafor. Since making their dream a reality in 1998 they have created a studio that has developed an expertise in color formulation which they apply to their work in generous proportions. Together their studio produces a wide variety of forms and brilliant colors. View a selection of their work from our show

Lundberg Studios

Showing at our Reston Store - View Store

Lundberg Studios is the foremost glass studio in this country to follow the Tiffany concepts and designs so successfully. This studio has been called the contemporary master of Tiffany glass traditions. This studio produces extremely fine glass with an impressive color palette. View a selection of his work from our show

Studio Paran/Richard Jones

Showing at our Georgetown Store - View Store

Richard creates work that is functional with a strong focus on design. His work reflects a sense of balance and harmony prevalent in Asian art and inspirational to this artist. View a selection of his work from our show

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