Ach Good! Chief Bear

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Most remarkable about our rotund plush sheep is her weight: Mopp Toddel�s light as a feather, thanks to her soft stuffing. And yes, her body is actually spherical. Those who get to touch her oooh and aaah over her real-fur-feel as much as over the extra-smooth plush in her face and legs. To the fat-sheep fans among you: we know you�ll enjoy Mopp�s particularly confident take on body-positivity. Money-back guarantee! This is Mopp Toddel's story as written on her tag: "Chubby Mopp Toddel does not seem to be very diplomatic and just speaks out things the way they are. And once the ball got rolling, guess who�s the black sheep in the end? However, her self-confident response to that seems quite obvious: "I am what I am! So, take me or leave me!"

  • Size: 11.8"
  • Age: 12+ Years
  • Material: Plush, Wadding: Polyester
  • Care: Machine wash in cold cycle.